Policy Manager

Implemented version of App Settings in Policy Manager.

App Settings

These are settings that apply to one single app. This screen will appear to a user in one of two scenarios:

Permissions in app settings are divided into two categories:

Third party policy setting cards also give the user the option to configure based on specific third party, if they press on the 'advanced' link.

App settings may report that there may be no third party access, but it is possible the policy manager will detect third party access during the course of app use. If this happens, the user will be presented with a prompt to decide on a policy for this access.

App settings are user settings, and thus are enforced with the lowest priority in CMUs policy enforcement algorithm. This means they are overridden by any active policy profiles, and quick settings. They are also subject to the 'most recent setting wins' rule, where a user setting most recently configured is the policy that is enforced.

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